Looking Beyond the Golf Course

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If you had to give one advice to someone who is looking for a home in a golf community, what would it be?

that the developer has a record of success and will commit to the vision of what they present in the first instance.

What are the most important characteristics to be considered in the design of golf houses?

Nowadays I think they should have a more contemporary aesthetic as opposed to traditional, which was the norm when I started Discovery. They must have large windows that benefit from the view, preferably from the golf course, and have spacious indoor and outdoor areas where families and friends can come together and spend time as a beautiful patio, a family room with comfortable, large sofas and a dining room with a table for large groups. It is also great to have an open house where the kitchen and the family room are one big room, because these are the two areas where everyone spends most of their time. And the houses should not be too close together so that everyone has enough privacy.

How do you think golf communities have changed over the past decade?

They have gone from golf as the only consideration to simply be one of the many drivers. There is now a greater emphasis on the kitchen, the outdoor activities and activities of the nongolf, the family friendliness and the safety problems that are addressed by being in a closed community.

In a large wave community there must be something that appeals to every family member. We have many people in our communities who do not play golf. They are attracted to the other things that Discovery clubs offer.

The demographic skews are also much younger. In the past, golf clubs attracted many retirees, but now there are many people aged between thirty and mid-40 who enjoy it with their families, including young children.

golf community residents other than your usual homeowner?

I think they are inherently more social. They want to have regular contact with other people and love the idea of ​​a community feeling. I am not saying that other homeowners are antisocial, but they may not care so much about the social offer and the accessibility of the range of activities.

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