GA Senior Selection Committee

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Golf Australia introduces a Senior Selection Committee to coordinate the selection of teams and players aged 55 and over to represent Australia or Golf Australia in men's, women's or mixed teams and individual competitions.

The committee will consist of a chairperson (member of the GA council) and no less than two (2) other members, including at least one person of each gender.

Accordingly, expressions of interest in becoming part of this committee of interested golfers. Committee members are appointed on the basis of suitability, experience and qualification. Desired skills and experience include:

o Current member of a club affiliated with GA;

o Broad understanding of Australian seniors golf as a player or official in events in GA, state, district or club;

o Broad understanding of one or more of the following:

– Elite Level Golf Performance;

– Team representation (including associated protocols);

– International senior golf events;

The committee will meet at least twice a year, with additional meetings if necessary. Meetings can be held in person, by telephone or via video conference or through a combination of these media.

The charter of the Senior Selection Committee and the form for the appointment of expressions of interest are accessible via the following links:

o Charter of the Senior Selection Committee

o Appointment of expressions of interest

Expressions of interest are required on Monday 26 August at 5 p.m. via email to

After studying the expressions received, the committee members are appointed by the board of the GA for a period of 2 years starting in September 2019.

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